Inflammation, the Gut and Mood Disorders

Inflammation, the Gut and Mood Disorders.

Evidence is making it very clear that there is a strong association between gut health, brain function and mood. While it has long been known that stress can wreak havoc with our digestive tract, problems in the GI tract can also negatively impact the brain, causing anxiety and depression. In other words, what is transpiring in your gut may directly influence central nervous system function, influencing neural circuitry, and can therefore have an effect (positive or negative) on behavior.

The newest research suggests, for instance, that how your digestive tract evolves in the first few years of life can influence the health of your brain and subsequently your behavior in the future. This hypothesis is predicated upon the way in which a healthy GI floral population positively influences neurons involved in motor control and behavior.  In the case of those with overwhelming populations of gut pathogens or gut dysbiosis, it can pave the way for the development of anxiety and depression later in life……..


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