NMAA Remedios: Curarte en Salud |

NMAA Remedios: Curarte en Salud |.

By Estevan Arellano

It’s that time of the year not only to start drying and freezing fruit and vegetables, but also to start foraging for remedios, as has been done in northern New Mexico for centuries.

With today’s health crisis, many people are turning to medicinal herbs for their health problems. In northern New Mexico this is nothing new, as people have depended on all types of plants, shrubs and trees, including their roots, to take care of whatever ails them.

Usually people who know a lot about medicinal herbs are known as curanderas or médicas. Most of them are women, some of who also double as parteras, or mid-wives. But the best way to keep yourself from having to go to the doctor is to follow the advice of a traditional refrain or saying, “curate en salud,” cure yourself while in good health…..


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