I have been told by a number of pediatricians that the beginning of November seems to be their busiest time in regards to children coming in with illnesses like the flu and colds. Is it any wonder? The kids were bombarded with sugar only days before! For every tablespoon of sugar consumed, their immune system is suppressed for up to SIX hours! This, combined with the flu inoculations being given out like candy themselves, can wreak havoc on anyone’s immune system.

According to Dr. Jerry Lee Hover, “Eating white sugar will paralyze and hinder your white blood cells from fighting off an infection. Eating 25 teaspoons of sugar will paralyze 92% of your white blood cells for approximately five hours. The average American eats over 42 teaspoons of sugar per day. For example: A banana split has 24 teaspoons of sugar. A 12 oz coke has approx…

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